What is Skyline Sector 5?


Naturally, one of the first things you’re wondering is, “what’s with the name?” We chose this name because we like that Sector 5 can’t help but stand out, and we like to think the same is true of us. We also use the term Sector 5 to describe the moment you experience the results when working with us. Over thousands of projects spanning decades of work, we’ve honed our unique five-phase consultative process that delves deep into your brand to develop your true voice and showcase your value to your customers.

At its core, this process is both who we are and what we strive for.  The resulting spaces engage consumers, portray your truest self and create an ageless impression. When someone steps into the space we created for you, we want them to get, instantly, what it is you’re about. That moment when the physical and digital blur into one —  the epiphany of who you are and what you stand for hits like a heavyweight — that’s Skyline Sector 5.

Building purposeful experiences for our clients, crew and community.



Trade shows, exhibitions, activations, special events, retail: been there, clutched that (and have the lanyard collection to show for it). Have an atypical opportunity to market yourself? Airports, street fairs, stadiums, airplane hangars. We make it happen wherever, whenever.



Event marketing can be stressful; it’s our job to reduce your stress while saving you time and money. Discover the full Sector 5 experience through our Event Management Program, Installation and Dismantle (I&D) services. Not sure where to start? We take pride in educating our clients along the way to make you look good, too.



We’ve worked with all types of companies to bring their brands to life and, more importantly, to accomplish their marketing objectives. We approach your project with the intent to improve your ROI and your event’s success. Curious about what results we’ve helped our brands achieve?


Some call us brilliant. Some call us inspiring. Others call us different – an endorsement of our atypical approach to event marketing. When you’re in the business of doing what’s never been done before, you attract trailblazers with a whole lot a grit. One thing we pride ourselves most on is being the kind of people you want in your corner in the eleventh hour, when it matters.


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