The new year is here, and it may be time to re-evaluate some of your trade show display components. You don’t need to purchase a massive island exhibit to stand out on the trade show floor. Using backlit elements in your booth will give you many advantages that a traditional display simply can’t.

Stand out amongst competitors

The number one goal for most exhibitors is to stand out from their competition on the trade show floor. With rows and rows of similar-looking booth spaces, when an attendee is walking the show floor, their eyes will immediately fixate on a backlit booth. This will increase the chances of them entering your booth and gaining new engagement and leads.

skyline backlit trade show display

More focused branding message

Looking to increase brand awareness, or perhaps you are going through a full rebrand? Adding backlighting will help illuminate your branding message so it will be seen glowing from across the show floor. If you are adding text to your display, the LED lighting will also make the text crisp and easier to read. If this is your goal, make sure to also use bright colors that will help the display pop even more.

Allows for a portable or fully custom option

Adding LED lights is possible for several different display sizes, including portable displays. You can also add graphics on both sides of a standalone unit, allowing you to have two separate messages on one frame. Most backlit frames also allow you to change your message from show-to-show with ease. Skyline Sector 5 can work with you to achieve your goals and allow it to be fully custom to your brand.

High-quality display for an affordable price

One misconception when it comes to adding backlighting your trade show display is that it is expensive. In reality, incorporating this can be less expensive, since LED lights are very affordable. Going with this option will help create a better experience in your booth, while also increasing your ROI.

Want to get started on your backlit trade show display? Contact Skyline Sector 5 today and we will help you get started!


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