Using social media in your trade show marketing strategy is more prevalent than ever. It gives you the opportunity to get information out to attendees about what you will be offering in your booth and allow you to communicate your trade show message before the doors even open to the event. Here are some checklist items to do before, during and after your show!


Before Your Show

Promoting your presence before your trade show can make a huge difference in the turn out in your exhibit, along with the engagement with attendees and staffers. Make sure you start your trade show social media promotion well before your show!

Here is a checklist for your pre-show social media promotion:

  • Create a posting schedule and start posting at least 2 months in advance.
  • Research the show hashtag and use this in all of your posts – especially on Twitter.
  • Create enticing graphics that give information about your show presence (booth number, giveaways, demos, etc.) – if you are having a theme in your booth, make sure these graphics match that theme.
  • Send email blasts that also direct to your social media pages so prospects can follow along before the show.
  • If you are offering a giveaway or experience in your booth, give potential booth guests a sneak peek as to what they should expect to see or win.
  • Propose a Q&A and answer any questions potential booth visitors have about what you will be offering or about any new product releases in your booth.
  • If you want to take it a step further, boost your posts or create ads on all of your social channels

During Your Show

The doors open to the show and your social media promotion should not slow down. Having one or two people committed to posting to social media will ensure that you can post as much as you feel necessary without feeling overwhelmed. If there are any posts you are able to draft beforehand, this is where a scheduling platform can be helpful so you can take advantage of other social media features.

Here is a checklist for your at-show social media promotion:

  • Make sure you are posting updates on your company pages across all of your platforms.
  • Use the ‘Live’ feature on Facebook and Instagram. If this catches the eye of an attendee that wasn’t planning to visit your booth, it will give them a reason to stop by your booth. It is also a good tool to use to capture the most exciting moments during your show for those unable to attend.
  • Use the ‘Story’ feature on Facebook and Instagram. This is a good tool to give day-by-day overviews of what happened in your booth.
  • After you give a day-by-day recap, give a look into what attendees can expect the next day at the show.
  • Tweet using the show hashtag multiple times every day that the show floor is open

After Your Show

Many exhibitors believe it’s not necessary to continue posting on social media when the show is over, but this potential mistake can make a significant difference for your attendees. Posting any giveaway winners and taking time to thank attendees for visiting can go a long way for your booth visitors. Not only does it make attendees feel like they are valued, but it allows them to remember your company and branding message.

This is also a great opportunity to give an overview of what happened in your booth throughout the entire show for those that weren’t able to attend. Post high quality photos and videos and give people a reason to visit your booth at your next trade show appearance!


Social media can be a powerful tool to help maximize your trade show ROI – make sure you are using it to its full potential! Any other questions on where to start? Contact us today!


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