We are excited for the day when everyone can come together at large gatherings and trade shows. As you can imagine, exhibitors and convention centers are implementing new rules and regulations to ensure everyone attending these gatherings feel safe and comfortable. We wanted to share the information we have gathered that will help everyone traveling to trade shows feel okay to do so!


Open booth design
Instead of overcrowding your exhibit, during this time you will want to have a more open environment that will feel inviting to your booth guests. This will also allow you to add floor graphics that will help attendees see that you are taking extra precautions to practice social distancing. Looking for sleek and affordable options to create an open and inviting booth design? Reach out to Skyline Sector 5 now!


Comfortability and safety for attendees and exhibitors
Everyone should feel comfortable walking the trade show floor! Changes to exhibit halls include:

• Wider walkways on the show floor

To ensure that exhibitors and attendees are practicing social distancing, you will see that the walkways between exhibits will be wider. Depending on the convention center, you may even see designated one-way walkways to ensure that no one will be getting too close to one another.


• Required face masks

When you are out and about today, you likely see at least a handful of people wearing face masks wherever you go – expect that to be a requirement for everyone when going back to trade shows as these masks help ease the spread of germs.



• Sanitizing stations and tablet stations

Sanitizing stations can be customizable to match the branding within your exhibit! If an attendee was just in a different booth before yours and had touched products or other tablet stations, allowing them to use the sanitizer before they enter yours will give you and them peace of mind!

The tablet stations are a good way to collect attendee information without the spread of germs from your booth staffer handing the tablet to your booth guest. Instead, they can just walk up and enter information, and scroll through any brochures, games, or other information that you choose to have on the tablets. These also allow for branding and shelves for wipes for the extra sanitation.

• Possible temperature checks

This will likely depend on what the show organizers and convention centers feel comfortable with, but there is a chance that you will be required to get your temperature taken with a touch-less thermometer. This will ensure that everyone on the show floor is healthy!


• Time slots or certain capacities to walk the show hall

This will also depend on the show organizer, but when we first get back to exhibiting, not everyone will be able to freely walk the hall like they used to. Whether there are specific time slots that attendees sign up to walk the show floor, or certain smaller capacities for attendees to be out walking the hall– this will give you an opportunity to set up appointments with your key prospects before the show to allow for a thoughtful conversation.


• Safer travel – including airplanes and hotels

A huge factor in businesses not being able to exhibit at or attend trade shows currently is because of travel bans or concerns. There are many steps being taken in the travel industry to make sure everyone feels good about doing this. This includes extra sanitization on airplanes, airports, and hotels. Many airlines are also not allowing a middle seat, or you may even see the middle seat being rotating in the future.

Almost every industry has seen differences and updates in how they run their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic – so expect to see this when you get back to exhibiting as well! The more you plan for this, the more comfortable attendees and booth guests traveling to the trade show will feel. Reach out to us today to see some ways that we can help you get back to exhibiting safely!