Having worked in the trade show industry for more than 15 years, we know how to create show-floor magic. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the exhibition waters with a portable or modular inline exhibit, or you want to take your event strategy to the next level with a custom island display, we have the skills, and expertise to create a space for any size show, conference or exhibition. Trust us when we say we know this business can be expensive, and the biggest costs often go beyond the initial purchase price of the exhibit. Operational expenses like storage, shipping and material handling can quickly add up and keep you from doing more of what you want – reaching your target audience at trade shows and events. That’s why we look for ways to save you money wherever we can. First, our systems are typically more compact and lighter than custom exhibits, so your operational costs can be kept at a minimum. We also give you a flat rate on Installation & Dismantle versus time and materials estimates to minimize any post-show billing. On average, we can save you 40-70% on these expenses alone. In addition, our modular systems are designed to reconfigure to a variety of sizes, allowing you to reuse your exhibit for different-sized spaces and purposes to maximize your return on investment.

10’X10’…100’X300’…ANY SIZE