Pop-Up and Backwall Systems

Sector 5 is proud to be one of the leading dealers of Skyline® portable displays, and the source of portable displays in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These are the perfect solution for do-it-yourself exhibitors. (No shame in your guerilla-style game!) Created for impact, quality and durability, they are lightweight and designed for a quick and easy installation.


NEW FOR 2018

This entry-level aluminum frame display locks into place with ease for speedy setup. Have product to showcase? Immerse accommodates inset product shelves that can be downlit and feature repositionable flat or angled shelves for product or literature.


NEW FOR 2018

New for 2018! Merchandise in style by leveraging the product display options and large format graphic messaging capabilities of Amplify™. Customize for any occasion with mounts for flatscreens, repositionable shelves, LED lights, peg bars and pegboards that can be printed with graphics.


Variety is the spice of life, and we think that’s also true for exhibits. Create unique angular shapes with an impeccable fit and finish that gets a custom look for a DIY price.


PictureCube towers and hanging signs feature large fabric graphics and can be backlit. Let your light shine bright with a stain resistant fabric designed to better diffuse light with vibrant graphics.


A 10-foot Windscape backwall unit packs in a carry-on case and goes from packed up to exhibit-ready in seven minutes. With more than 46 shapes and custom options, this system provides flexibility and ease you won’t find anywhere else.


This is the one that started it all and it’s still one of the most popular for good reason. The fiberglass frame puts the aluminum knock-offs to shame and our graphic panels are seamless.


A simple back wall with a graphic impact that looks as professional as your brand demands. The seamless, double-sided fabric is slick and sets up like a champ.


Video is king when you’re exhibiting, and Designview puts the power of presentations and big projected video in a limited space without all the weight.