After a decade-long partnership in the realm of modular and portable exhibit solutions, Wilsonart tapped Sector 5 to design and build a fully custom KBIS experience to correspond with the launch of their new quartz line. The concept? We built out two separate designs: “Richard” would be darker and more masculine, “Sarah” lighter and more feminine, and both would look like they fell straight out of your Pinterest feed. Richard and Sarah got kitchens, bathrooms, art studios and a shared library. To accomplish this, we essentially built two homes spanning 3,000 square feet and towering 25 feet over the show floor, featuring two rotating walls of Wilsonart’s quartz and laminate designs with CGI video so realistic, it was frequently mistaken for footage of a real house. Wilsonart reaped dramatically increased traffic, never-before-seen social media interaction and expressed a very positive outlook on the quartz launch. KBIS awarded Wilsonart both Most Innovative Booth and Best In Show awards for this stand, which were KBIS firsts for a surfaces company.