Face-to-face experiences at events can be powerful tools for showcasing your brand and engaging your audience. But, like most worthwhile investments, they require more time, preparation and effort than you typically expect.

We’ll let you in on one of our best kept secrets: Sector 5’s Event Management Program can save you time, money and stress while helping you create powerful event experiences. How is this possible? Glad you asked.

Our Event Management Program coordinates every step of your event from planning and installation, to dismantle and storage. Once you become a member of the Event Management Program, all you need to do is sit back, relax and focus on enjoying your event while we take care of all the time-consuming details.



Once you join Sector 5’s Event Management Program, our crew will create an online Exhibit Portfolio that includes a master inventory of all your assets. This portfolio includes digital images of your properties that live on the eServices Client Portal. eServices is our password-protected online inventory management system that is accessible to Program members 24/7. Members can view their properties at any time and select what they would like to use for their next event. How easy is that?


Even though most of our exhibits are designed to pack down into small cases and are lightweight, they can still take up valuable space if you store them at your own facilities. Once you join the Event Management Program, you can free up your own space and let Sector 5 house your properties for you. We provide reserved storage in our 65,000-square-foot, secure facility for all of the assets in your portfolio.


Our Projects Team has extensive knowledge of exhibit structures as well as the trade show and event marketing industry. Even if you’re new to this world, have no fear! You can rely on us to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way. 


Once you’ve selected where you would like to send your assets, we will stage and inspect your properties for approval before they’re packed and shipped to the venue. During the pre-show stage, you are welcome to come and view your exhibit while we troubleshoot and correct any issues that may arise. Once we’ve completed staging, we create a complete inventory list of all components going that are shipping to the event to ensure that every component is accounted for.


One of the most important benefits of the Event Management Program is our service for freight and shipping logistics. We arrange and schedule all freight carriers as well as pack, coordinate, insure and track all cases, crates and containers. This includes managing shipping labels and the loading and unloading process of shipments at our storage facility.


Why purchase new assets when you can repurpose the ones you already have? Often, a simple reconfiguration can bring a new look and feel to your space without the cost of purchasing a brand-new exhibit. Reconfigurations are especially helpful if you need to scale your experience up or down.


When your properties arrive at the event venue, Sector 5 can arrange the installation and dismantle (I&D) of your exhibit. We work with our local certified I&D Crew as well as other authorized and certified partners in all major venue cities in the United States and Canada. Our I&D crews are professional, knowledgeable and efficient. We work hard to ensure that your space is safe, clean and ready to welcome your guests.


Once your event is complete and your properties have been returned to our storage facility, our crew will perform an inspection of all your hardware, graphics and accessories. Repairs and refurbishments will be made as needed and your properties will then be repacked, labeled and stored to have them ready for deployment to your next event.

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